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Holiday on a farm

The farm experience – our new free-range cow stable

Among the many reasons to adapt our farm were the improvement of grazing and stabling conditions for our cattle, as well as the keeping of mother cows. In addition, the new stables contain state-of-the-art milking technology in the shape of an automatic milking system that makes the farmer’s work much more flexible.


The design and structure of the new cow stable are much better suited to the needs of the animals, causing them to move around and gather or avoid each other depending on the situation. In such a stable, the requirements of species-appropriate farming – such as movement, social contact, light, and fresh air – can be met in the best way.

Only for our guests

You can watch our cows from a special viewing platform in the stable – interesting for children and adults alike!

Petting zoo in the summer

Only a few minutes on foot away, there is a petting zoo that can be visited by children (and adults!) in the summer months!


Small-animals farm with goats, a ram, horses and ponies

Our Haflinger mare “Lora”, “Iso-Victory”, “Max” the pony, as well as the dwarf pony “Laura” are waiting to meet horse lovers. In summer, we organise pony rides 3x weekly. The dwarf pony foal “Amadeus” is everybody’s darling!

Pot-bellied pig

“Lily” is the children’s favourite – and the secret boss of all other animals! Oink, oink…


We have a family of happy hens, who lay an egg every day, and sometimes even two!

Cows and calves

Our cows are spending summer in the mountains – in autumn, they will be able to enjoy their luxurious barn again!

Boredom doesn’t stand a chance!

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